Graduate Internship Information


How to Prepare and Register for Your Graduate Internship

1. Attend Internship Information Meeting for more information about searching for your internship and the required paperwork.  Emails are sent from the Graduate School with dates of Internship Information Meetings.  Meetings for Summer and Fall internships have conclude but new meetings will be scheduled in Fall to discuss Spring 2015 internships.

2. Find a position:

  • Visit the Career Center, located in Harre Union.
  • Explore internship websites – Internship Search Resources
  • Talk to your Department Chair, Academic Advisor, and professors to see where other students completed their internships.
  • Utilize any personal connections you have to network and find opportunities,

3. Get approval from your Academic Program Director to make sure internship meets your program’s internship goals.

4. Print all internship forms:

  • Internship Form (must be signed by Employer, Academic Instructor, and Dean of the Graduate School)
  • Placement Agreement (if you will be working off campus, this legal document must be signed by Employer and returned to Jamie Haney)
  • Transportation Agreement (must be signed if you are working off campus)

*All necessary forms must be submitted in order for the Dean to approve the internship.

5. Fill out personal information on Internship Form, including a separate typed attachment with your 5-7 learning goals.

  • Send Internship Form and Placement Agreement to the workplace for signature and obtain job description from workplace. 
  • If you are interning off campus, you must also sign the Transportation Agreement and turn in directly to Jamie Haney. 

6. After completing all paperwork, have your Academic Advisor sign internship form and Placement Agreement.

Note:  If you are an international student working off campus, you must also have the CPT form completed (see Janice Lin at the International Studies Office).


Turn in paperwork to the Graduate School (to Jamie Haney's attention) for approval and to be registered for the internship course.  You will not be able to register yourself online for internship.

8. Internship Requirements:

In most programs, you must work a minimum of 100 hours per each credit hour (i.e. 1 credit = 100 hours, 2 credits = 200 hours, etc.).  Please refer to the Graduate Catalog for specific requirements for your program.

You must complete all evaluation forms (available on Graduate School website, directly following Internship forms):

  • Mid-term Evaluation
  • Final Evaluation
  • Student Evaluation

You must also keep track of your hours and complete any requirements assigned by your program advisor/director.  Program requirements vary so be sure to work with your academic advisor or instructor to complete them.

The workplace supervisor is required to send a letter to the academic instructor with a short mid-term evaluation and final evaluation of your work. This letter or e-mail should come directly from the supervisor and should not be given to the student. (You should ask your workplace supervisor to do this.)  Note: If these documents are not received by your academic instructor by the end of the semester, the grade of I (Incomplete) will be assigned until all documents are submitted.

Submit a 3-5 page paper to the Graduate School office summarizing your activities and training that enabled you to achieve your learning goals. 

9. After your internship, send a thank you note to your supervisor, letting them know that you appreciated your time at their organization and hope to utilize them as a reference in the future.