Concentration in Cybersecurity

This concentration is available to students both in the management track and the computing track.  Student must take the following the three courses listed below.  Students in the management track who start the program without sufficient programming background might need to take 38 total credits to complete the concentration in cybersecurity.  This is also available as a complete Master of Science in Cybersecurity degree both onsite or online


IT 642 Information Assurance and Security
IT 644 Technology, Law and Policy
IT 646 Hacking Techniques and Counter Measures


IT 642--Concepts of data security, including policies, attacks, vulnerabilities, encryption, information states, and forensics.

IT 644--The study of the impact that politics and government have on technology – on technology’s development, applications, and benefits and costs – and the study of the impact that technologies such as television and the Internet have on politics, including elections. Focus on US policy with some attention to developments in other countries.

IT 646--The study of several ethical hacking techniques and principles needed for a security expert in today’s world. Students will acquire in-depth knowledge of network security.