Master of Arts in Chinese Studies Specialized Track for P-12 Teachers

The MACS teacher track leads to a teaching endorsement in Chinese language, but does not lead to initial certification as a teacher. Therefore, applicants for this track should already have a teaching license or not need one for their teaching position.

Individuals who want to earn initial certification as a teacher (required in order to receive an endorsement in Chinese language) should consider applying to the M.Ed.-Initial Licensure program. Additional coursework (approximately 12 credits, assuming the applicant is proficient in Mandarin Chinese) taken through the MACS program may be used to obtain a Chinese language endorsement, but unless the student fulfills at least 31 graduate credits approved through the MACS program, these 12 credits will not result in a second degree in Chinese Studies.

For this specialized track, students spend one or two summers in China—depending on their proficiency level at the time of application to the program—for language immersion and other coursework through the Summer Advanced Chinese Program. The remainder of the degree coursework is taken online or through independent study. The Summer Advanced Chinese Program serves three purposes:

  1. to improve language proficiency for non-native Chinese speakers
  2. to enable students to complete a number of courses such as the Survey of Chinese Literature (taught primarily in Chinese)
  3. to engage in language-based internship opportunities

Located in the beautiful city of Hangzhou (south of Shanghai), the Summer Advanced Chinese Program is a highly demanding, total-immersion program that involves extensive travel and interaction with local Chinese society and culture. To learn more about the Valparaiso University Summer Advanced Chinese Program, please visit

Students in this program may also take up to 6 credits of approved graduate-level courses from other programs, especially courses offered by the Education and English Departments. For students choosing to write a master's thesis, an optional 40-credit track is available (see details below).


Non-Thesis Track (37 cr):
 Language Requirements (9 cr):
 CHST 501 
 Advanced Chinese I
 3 cr
 CHST 502  Advanced Chinese II  3 cr
 CHST 541  The Chinese Language  3 cr
Core Requirements (21 cr):
 CHST 520  Introduction to Chinese Literature  3 cr
 CHST 590  Topics in Chinese Studies (Best Practices in Teaching Chinese
 (plus ED 587, 588, or 589, as needed)
 3 cr
 CHST 590/690 
 Topics in Chinese Studies
 9-12 cr
 CHST 686  Internship in China  0-3 cr
 CHST 695
 Supervised Reading and Research in Chinese Studies 
 1-3 cr 
 Core Support Requirements (7 cr):
 CHST 699  Preparation for Standardized Test  0-1 cr
   Approved Electives  6 cr


Optional Thesis Track 
Students Follow the curriculum about, but replace the electives with the following courses: 
 CHST 692   Research Project                                                         3 cr
 CHST 795   Master's Thesis  3 cr




P-12 teachers who currently possess a valid teaching license, or who will not require a license for their teaching position may apply. The teacher track does not lead to general teaching licensure, but does enable currently-licensed teachers to obtain a Chinese language endorsement in the state of Indiana, which may then transfer to other states depending on the state's specific requirements. Applicants should carefully review their state's endorsement requirements for teaching Chinese to determine if this program will enable them to qualify for a teaching endorsement.

Applicants must meet the admission requirements of the Graduate School (page 104) and demonstrate proficiency in Chinese language by any one of the following:

  1. Completion of at least one year of college-level Chinese
  2. Strong background in Chinese language (e.g., through family heritage or study abroad programs in Chinese-speaking areas)
  3. Receipt of certificate of language proficiency (for example, Level Two of the new HSK Test)

As part of the admissions process, each applicant's language ability is assessed through a phone interview and (if necessary) a diagnostic test. Students who do not meet the admission requirement of completion of the second year, college-level Chinese language may be required to take additional coursework in Chinese language on their own, or may participate in the pre-advanced summer Chinese language immersion program.

Students who successfully pass HSK Test Level Six will earn 6 credits toward the MACS degree. Thirty-one credit hours from Valparaiso University are required to complete the degree.

For more information about the Chinese Studies P-12 teacher track program, email or visit the website at


For more information about the Chinese Studies P-12 Teacher Track program

To learn more about the Master of Arts in Chinese Studies P-12 Teacher Track program, contact them by email at or visit their website at or


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