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 SIP group photo in ChinaThe Summer Advanced Chinese Program began in 2006 with the support of a grant from the Department of Education (Fulbright-Hays Groups Project Abroad Program). The pilot, seven-week total immersion program took place in the Hangzhou area of China in 2006. It has grown into an 11 1/2 week program that maintains the overall goal of helping participants achieve an operational level of proficiency in Chinese and a better understanding of Chinese culture through a rigorous curriculum that combines intense, advanced language training in a Chinese-only environment together with an internship experience conducted primarily in Chinese.

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Quotes from Previous Participants

…I found the instructors to be very helpful, willing to help, and looking to challenge their students… To those considering pursuing the degree, I whole-heartedly recommend the MACS program and believe that the instruction you will receive is on par with any other option available to full-time teachers. - Jason Brooks, 2009

From the beginning of the summer program through to the end the one thing that remained consistent was the intensity of study.  The teachers seemed to always know right where our limit was, and then would stretch us just beyond that!  Looking at the program from a basic perspective this approach to our learning and study helped me to make immense progress in my language ability, as well as establishing some great language learning habits and skills.  I think the true value of an experience or education comes not just in measuring how much intellect was gained, but also by how the experience or knowledge changed you, and I feel the opportunities that I was given while in China, both in and out of the classroom, provided me both with a deeper understanding of the Chinese language and culture, as well as changing me personally." - Brody Bluemel, 2008


"VU’s summer program had an incredible impact on not only my Chinese language level but my knowledge of China as a whole. The program did an outstanding job of dealing with students from various different backgrounds and improving their language capabilities in an efficient manner. Aside from just being in China with amazing instructors who cared about your progress, one of the more beneficial aspects of the program was the one on one session we had three times a week with a native speaker of Chinese. Through these means the Summer Intensive Program helped solidify my confidence in both my career endeavors and language capabilities." - Brenden Ryan, 2008


"Exhaustingly rigorous, yet highly effective, Valparaiso’s Summer Immersion Program offers you nearly every imaginable tool and opportunity from which you can use to improve your Chinese language skills and fluency:  native-Chinese speaking teachers and personal tutors, home-stays, field-trips to the beautiful (Suzhou), the modern (Shanghai) and the historically political (Nanjing), but most importantly, an environment into which you can go and practice what you have learned in the classroom.  Designed to enhance your fluency, the program is more than just a three month crash course in survival Chinese.  Delving into topics beyond “How to Order…” and “How do you say…”, you leave with skills that enable you to engage in more legitimate conversations with topics that seem to require a certain command of the language and a higher understanding and sensitivity of the culture, pollution problems and the one-child policy, being two examples of such." - Annie Nawrocki, 2008


"I had a great time scaling the thousands of steps up Yellow Mountain while taking in breathtaking views all along the way. I am grateful to Valparaiso University and the Fulbright-Hays program for giving me that incredible opportunity...There is no better way to learn a language than complete immersion with instruction. This program really tried to achieve the ideal circumstance for language acquisition." - Mark Heiden, 2007


"I was so positively impressed with China and its culture that I started the Chinese Culture Club at San Pedro High School, and had so many students respond that the membership reached its full capacity within a month...The month I spent in China changed my life forever. I loved the family dynamics I saw there and the philosophies being practiced (love for nature, respect for others, welcoming the foreigner, etc). The cultural portion of the program benefitted me the most because I can pass it on to my students. We have studied China's geography, made Chinese crafts, and tasted Chinese food, all of which I did in China. The pictures I have shown my students have made many of them consider going one day to China." - Patricia Campuzano, 2007

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"Immersed in the Culture ...", 2007.