Teaching of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) Certificate

TESOL ClassThis certificate program will be replaced by the Indiana Department of Education approved TESOL Certificate beginning with the fall 2012 semester.  Click here for details.  

Program Description

The need for individuals to teach English to non-native speakers is increasing rapidly. Opportunities abroad are, and will continue to be, abundant. In most cases, evidence of formal training in the Teaching of English to Speakers of Another Language (TESOL) is becoming increasingly important and in some instances required.

Valparaiso University offers a 15 credit graduate TESOL certificate. While the program is open to any degree seeking graduate student at Valparaiso University, this certificate would be most practical for students in programs with a language or international focus (e.g., International Commerce & Policy, English Studies, Chinese Studies, Master of Arts in Liberal Studies, etc.). In general, students in graduate degree programs may use up to 9 credits from their degree toward the TESOL certificate, but the actual number will depend on the specific degree program. For the Master of Art in English Studies & Communication, for example, 9 credits of appropriate coursework may be applied toward the TESOL certificate. 

The certificate is also open to non-degree students in the Graduate School, including international students and members of the Northwest Indiana community.

Admission Requirements
Students currently or previously enrolled in a graduate degree program at Valparaiso University need only submit the application for the TESOL certificate, updated transcripts, and evidence of prior experience learning a foreign language. All others must, in addition to the above, meet standard admission requirements of the Graduate School.

 ENGL 541
 History of the English Language  
 3 cr
 ENGL 568   TESOL: Theories and Methods I  
 3 cr
 ENGL 569
 TESOL: Theories and Methods II  
 3 cr
 ENGL 685
 Practicum in English (TESOL)
 3 cr
 Choose at Least 3 Credits:
 COMM 645 
 Intercultural Communication
 3 cr
  ED 504  Educational Psychology  3 cr
  ENGL 502
 Introduction to Professional Writing     3 cr
  ENGL 511
 Introduction to Technical Writing
 3 cr
  ENGL 525  Creative Non Fiction  3 cr
  ENGL 531
 Advanced Composition
 3 cr
  ENGL 543
 Introduction to Linguistics
 3 cr
  ENGL 580
 Topics in Writing
 3 cr
  ENGL 601
 New Literacies, Technologies, and Cultures of Writing   
 3 cr

Financial Considerations

Tuition for the TESOL graduate certificate is approximately $8,400.  

For more information about the Teaching of English to Speakers of Other Languages certificate
Interested students should request an information packet from the Office of the Graduate School through our website or by e-mailing Graduate.School@valpo.edu.

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Title IV Information for Certificate Programs

The Valparaiso University Graduate School and Department of Continuing Education, in compliance with the Gainful Employment Disclosure Act, presents this information to you on our Title IV Eligible certificate programs.

CIP Code:  13.1401
Number of Weeks Allowed for Completion:  72
Credit Hours:  15
Type:  Semester
Tuition Fees:  $8400
Book Fees:  $750
Additional Fees:  $100 per semester
Credits Transferable to Degree Program:  Yes
Students Completing Program in 2006-2011 in Time Allowed:  24
Total Students Enrolled in 2010 - 2011: 47
Median Loan Debt: 0
SOC Code: 25.3011
Classification: Adult Basic & 2nd Ed & Literacy Teach & Instruct
Job Placement Rates:  Unavailable

For more information, please visit the U.S. Department of Labor        O Net website at: http://www.onetonline.org/