MS in Nursing/Master of Health Administration

The College of Nursing and Health Professions and the Graduate School offer a special dual degree program whereby students may earn the MSN degree and the Master of Health Administration (MHA) degree in approximately 18-24 months by applying a limited number of credits towards both degrees simultaneously. The curriculum is designed to prepare nurse leaders with a unique blend of interdisciplinary skills in both nursing education and health care administration.  Admission to the program is selective and requires that applicants meet the standard admission criteria of the MSN program and the Graduate School.  As individual degrees, the MSN is a 30 credit program; the MHA degree is a 42 credit program. The dual degree program allows completion of both degrees with 54 credits

Completion of the following 24 credit hours is required for the MSN portion of the degree:


BIO 590 Advanced Physiology & Pathophysiology

3 cr

NUR 506 Pharmacologic Principles for Nurse Educators 3 cr
NUR 605 Advanced Health Assessment 3 cr
NUR 612 Concepts for Advanced Nursing Practice 3 cr
NUR 662 Theoretical Foundations for Advanced Nursing Practice 3 cr
NUR 641 Foundations of Education in Nursing 3 cr
NUR 642 Clinical Instruction in Nursing 3 cr
NUR 643 Curriculum Development in Nursing 3 cr










Completion of the following 30 credits is required for the MHA portion of the degree:


HADM 520 Financial Management

2 cr

HADM 550 Human Resource Management 2 cr
HADM 601 Research and Program Evaluation or NUR 670 3 cr
HADM 602 Managing and Analyzing Health Care Information 3 cr
HADM 640 Quality Healthcare Management 3 cr
HADM 650 Leadership and Managing People 3 cr
HADM 670 Legal Issues in Health Care 3 cr
HADM 675 Organizational and Government Policy on Health Care 3 cr
HADM 660 Epidemiology 3 cr
HADM 662 Health in the Community 3 cr
HADM 688 Internship                         3 cr













Students having significant administrative responsibilities through their ongoing professional employment may, with the MHA adviser’s approval, substitute an MHA elective for HADM 688.

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