Coaching Certificate

In collaboration with the Athletics Department, the Graduate School offers a 10 credit Coaching Certificate designed for individuals who:

  • Desire to expand their knowledge and efficiency as a coach at any level, from amateur to professional
  • Want to receive continuing educational credit fulfilling state licensing requirements in the area of coaching
  • Are involved in coaching (youth leagues, recreational leagues, interscholastic, amateur clubs, collegiate, international, or professional) and have an interest in better understanding the dynamics of the sports world and the organizations (AAU, IOC, NCAA, FIFA, etc.) that govern sports
  • Possess a serious interest in coaching as a profession

The program consists of a number of coaching-relevant courses, each delivered in 1 or 2 credit modules/workshops.  Each module/workshop credit requires 10 hours of contact time per credit, and assumes about 15 clock hours per credit of out-of-class preparation, study, training, or practice.  The program offers a variety of courses allowing a student to select the ones of most interest or relevance to his/her particular need.

At this time, courses are offered primarily on an on-demand basis; that is, once an audience or occasion is indentified, the course will be offered, typically in a workshop/module format, to that particular audience.  These courses may be linked to regularly-offered Valpo Coaching Clinics and, if need arises, may be offered in online format.

Admission to the Certificate requires application to the Graduate School.  Students/coaches must have an undergraduate degree and a 3.0 gpa or, in lieu of the gpa, a minimum of 4 years of coaching or other relevant work experience.  Up to 6 credits may be applied toward the MS in Sports Administration degree as electives.


General Requirements, choose from the following: 10 credits
CC 501   Coaching Theory, Methods & Pedagogy    2 cr
CC 502 Coaching: Leadership & Psychology 2 cr
CC 510 Legal & Ethical Issues of Sport 2 cr
CC 511 Financial Aspects of Sports Management    2 cr
CC 512 Sports Media, Communication & Networking    2 cr
CC 520 Nutrition, Training & Health 2 cr
CC 521 Sports Medicine & Performance 2 cr
CC 580-589   Coaching Clinics (Sport Specific, 2 cr. max) 1 cr