Legal Studies & Principles Certificate

Program Overview
Professor leading his class This 15 credit certificate provides an introduction to legal processes, domains, and procedures for professionals in health care, education, human services, administration, and others wanting exposure to elements of law but not wanting a paralegal certificate or law degree. The program provides familiarity with legal concepts and research as well as in-depth study in topical areas of law.

Curriculum Requirements
15 credits
Introductory Requirements
LS 670
Introduction to Law & Legal Principles
3 cr
Core Requirements 9-10 cr
COMM 570
Communication Law & Ethics
3 cr
COMM 571
Case Studies in Communication Law
3 cr
COMM 572
Intellectual Property
3 cr
ICP 671
International Business Transactions
3 cr
ICP 678
International Commerce and Trade Law
3 cr
MBA 504
Business Law
 2 cr
PE 670
Sports and the Law
3 cr
POLS 540
Constitutional Law I
3 cr
POLS 541
Constitutional Law II
3 cr
POLS 545
The Judicial Process
3 cr
PSY 565
Psychology and Law
3 cr
SOC 550
Police in Society
3 cr
SOC 560 Penology 3 cr
Other topics courses as approved (e.g., Environmental Law, Law & Psychology, International Law, Negotiation & Conflict Resolution)
Elective Options
2-3 cr
Electives may be chosen from the list above or from approved Law School courses. Enrollment in Law School courses require prior completion of LS 670.

Students currently enrolled in a graduate degree program at Valparaiso University may apply up to 6 credits of the above coursework toward the LSP certificate.  Transfer credits may not be applied to this certificate.

Criteria for Admission
Applicants must meet the admission requirements of the Graduate School, which include:

  • Undergraduate degree from an accredited university;
  • An overall grade point average of at least a 3.00;

VU graduate students in good standing and alumni of any graduate degree program at VU are eligible for admission to the LLP program by submitting:

All other applicants must submit:

  • Valparaiso University Graduate Application;
  • Official transcripts of all prior undergraduate and graduate coursework.  If you have received an undergraduate or graduate degree from Valparaiso University, you are not required to submit an official transcript from Valparaiso University;
  • A letter of reference;
  • A one page statement describing how the program will help meet their professional goals.
  • Application Fee: $30 for U.S. citizens.

Tuition for the LSP graduate certificate is approximately $7,950.  Students currently enrolled in a graduate degree program at VU may apply up to 6 credits of the above course work toward the LSP certificate. Transfer credits may not be applied to this certificate.

Title IV Information for Certificate Programs

The Valparaiso University Graduate School and Department of Continuing Education, in compliance with the Gainful Employment Disclosure Act, presents this information to you on our Title IV Eligible certificate programs.

CIP Code:  22
Number of Weeks Allowed for Completion:  72
Credit Hours:  15
Type:  Semester
Tuition Fees:  $8400
Book Fees:  $750
Additional Fees:  $100 per semester
Credits Transferrable to Degree Program:  Yes
Students Completing Program in 2006-2011 in Time Allowed:  3
Total Students Enrolled in 2010 - 2011: 7
Median Loan Debt: 0
SOC Code: 23.2099
Classification: Legal Support all other
Job Placement Rates:  Unavailable

For more information, please visit the U.S. Department of Labor           O Net website at: