Master's Programs

 Administration, Commerce, Economics, Technology, & Media 

 MA in Arts & Entertainment Administration
MS in Computational Science
 MS in Digital Media
MA in Comparative Global Inquiry
 MS in Information Technology & Management
 MS in International Commerce & Policy
 MS in International Economics & Finance 
 MS in Sports Administration
 MS in Sports Media

Nursing & Business

BSN to Doctorate in Nursing Practice (DNP)
 Post-MSN Doctorate in Nursing Practice (DNP)
 MS in Nursing Education
 MS in Nursing/Master of Business Administration
 Master of Business Administration
 Master of Engineering Management

 Counseling & Education

 MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling
 MEd/Education Specialist in School Counseling
 MEd/Education Specialist in School Psychology
 MEd in Initial Licensure
 MEd in Initial Licensure (LEAPs Program)
 MEd in Instructional Leadership
MEd with a Concentration in Humane Education
MA in Teaching of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)

 Languages, Humanities, & Social Sciences

 MA in Chinese Studies
 MA in Chinese Studies-specialized track for K-12 Teachers
  MA in English Studies & Communication
 MALS in English
 MALS in Ethics & Values
 MALS in Gerontology
 MALS in History
MA or MALS in Humane Education
 MALS in Human Behavior & Society
MA in Teaching of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)
 MALS in Theology, Theology & Ministry
 MALS in Theology & Ministry-Deaconess Track
 MALS in Individualized Concentration

 Law (Dual Degree Programs)

 Dual Degree Programs

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