Scholarships, Assistantships & Internships

Valparaiso University’s Graduate School offers a variety of financial opportunities for graduate students, including scholarships, assistantships and internships.


Limited scholarships are available based on need and merit to students in Nursing and Chinese Studies. Students interested in these program scholarships are encouraged to contact the Program Directors for details about eligibility:

Nursing – College of Nursing, 219-464-5289

Chinese Studies – Professor Zhimin Lin, 219-464-5749

Students in School Psychology and the Counseling programs are also eligible for merit-based scholarships (up to $3,000 for School Psychology and $2,500 for Counseling and School Counseling for the first year in the program). Students admitted to these programs will receive a scholarship application to complete and must have an undergraduate grade point average of 3.1 or higher.

Additionally, through a special program, scholarships up to $1,500 may be available to applicants from sub-Saharan Africa. Eligibility and the amount of award will be determined by the Admissions Committee.

Research Assistantships

A limited number of Research Assistantships are available to students in the following programs, based on the needs of each department:

Psychology & Counseling (1 position)

School Psychology & Education (1 position)

Digital Media & Sports Media (1 position)

International Commerce & Policy (2 positions)

English Studies & Communication (1 position)

Liberal Studies (1 position)

Information Technology & Management (2 positions)

These positions pair students with a faculty member in their program’s academic area to work closely on an academic research paper or project. To learn more about the Assistantships, please contact the Graduate School at 219-464-5313 or

Graduate Interns

Five Graduate Intern positions are available through the Graduate School office. Each position works closely with an element of the Graduate School’s daily operations – Recruiting, Social Events, Public Relations & Marketing, Academic Support, and Alumni. These positions are awarded at the start of each semester based on a student’s experience in relevant fields or interest in learning about graduate school administration. In addition to the stipend paid to each intern, each intern may choose the option of enrolling in one internship credit at the regular tuition rate.

To learn more about the intern positions, please contact the Graduate School at 219-464-5313 or

Academic Assistantships

Academic assistantships may include such jobs as tutoring in the Graduate Tutoring Lab. The Tutoring Lab serves all graduate students, but especially assists international students needing to improve their conversational English or discuss an assigned paper and the content. Tutors are paid hourly, and scheduling is flexible for class and other employment schedules. Interested students should contact Ms. Jennifer Guziewicz at or 219-464-5313.

Graduate Assistantships

Graduate assistantships may be available for athletic teams, based on each team’s seasonal needs. Assistantships may offer partial or full tuition and/or a stipend. For more information, visit to contact individual athletic team coaches.

Additional Opportunities

A variety of other positions for graduate students may be posted either before the start of the Fall semester and/or throughout the year. Past positions include a research assistant in the Office of the University Registrar and a Resident Counselor for International Graduate Housing. When such positions become available, the Graduate School will send an email announcement to the appropriate students regarding the position.

Graduate students may also wish to seek part time employment in the following areas:

1. Graduate School & Continuing Education office (4 to 6 positions each year) – contact the office at 219-464-5313.

2. Departmental positions – contact the individual department office.

3. General student positions throughout the University – contact Financial Aid at 219-464-5015 or Human Resources at 219-464-5214.