David Rowland
 David Rowland, Ph.D.
Dean of The Graduate School

We're pleased that you have taken the time to visit our website and hope that this information answers many of your questions. Before you start browsing, let me offer some perspective on our programs. Graduate study is not new to Valparaiso University--our first program was implemented in 1964, and since then we have graduated over 2,500 students with Master's or other advanced degrees. Our record of success lies not so much in the number of students that have graduated from our programs, but in the quality of those graduates.

We not only take great pride in the professional training, skills, and knowledge that our students acquire in their graduate study, but we also invest heavily in their cultural, emotional, and intellectual development. Our programs emphasize quality, values, leadership, and professional competence--goals that we achieve through a strong program of faculty advising, through a meaningful and guided curriculum, through small, intense, and interactive classes, and through a balance of theoretical and practical expertise.

We at Valparaiso University realize that we have a clear stake in every individual that bears a Master's degree from our institution; their ability and competence reflect directly upon our programs. So we take our commitment to each student very seriously. And indeed, the results of a recent survey of graduate alumni attest to this commitment. These alums praise our programs highly for the way the programs have taught them to think critically, to develop as professionals, and to appreciate diversity in both people and ideas. We couldn't be more delighted to hear such feedback!

We hope you take time to learn more about our programs by exploring our website as well as the Valparaiso University website. We'd like to talk to you in person if you think we can help. It's as easy as phoning 219-464-5313 or 800-821-7685; or send us an email at Graduate.School@valpo.edu.