Academic Services

Christopher Center Library Services
The Christopher Center for Library and Information Services exists to meet the research and information needs of the Valparaiso University campus community as well as the broader community within which we are located.

Disability Support Services
Statement of Disability Support Services: Valparaiso University and its faculty have a legal responsibility to provide reasonable accommodation for students who have a diagnosed specific disability but are otherwise qualified for the course or degree program. Any modifications in the manner in which a course is conducted are restricted to changes in the format of instruction or evaluation. Such modifications must not change the academic standards or basic content of the course. Substitution of specific courses in a degree program or general education must not change the standards or basic educational goals of the degree.

Graduate Tutoring Lab
The Graduate Tutoring Center is designed to provide assistance to graduate students for a variety of needs.  Whether it be formatting papers, review of homework, or more specialized topic specific tutoring.  Tutors are graduate students from a variety of programs, but primarily English Studies and Communication.

The Center is located on the first floor of the Christopher Center, along with the Writing Center.  The hours are set as the semester begins, but is open 6 days per week, and most nights.  There is also an email available for students to send papers to for pre-review
Hours of Operation:  Monday-Thursday: 1-8, Friday: 1-4, Sunday 4-8
Choose one of the following procedures if you'd like to work with a tutor:
1. Your best experience will result if you e-mail your paper to, and then make an appointment with a tutor for no sooner than 48 hours later.  We need to have adequate time to review your paper in order to prepare for the tutoring session.  We guarantee that this option will provide you with the most position experience and results.
2. Of course we encourage you to come to the Grad Tutoring Lab and sign up for a 30 minute appointment with a tutor during any of hour hours.  Bring your assignment with you - we will make the most of the 30 minutes!!!
3. You can always drop by the Grad Tutoring Lab for 30 minute "walk-in" appointment; we'd be happy to work with you if a tutor is available.

INTERLINK offers intensive English preparation in grammar, reading, writing, listening and speaking for admissible students who have not met Valpo’s TOEFL requirements. The emphasis is on effective communication, and the goal is solid preparation for academic success. INTERLINK also offers special programs geared towards preparing students entering the Law and Business programs at VU.

Office of International Studies
The International Studies Office is dedicated to serving the special needs of international students and helping to create a supportive environment in which to live and study. It is our goal to help international students reach their fullest potential at Valparaiso University.

VU Academic Guide & Student Handbook
The Student Guide to University Life: Academic Guide and Student Handbook is a ready reference for programs, procedures, and policies for these aspects of campus life and more. It is designed with the student in mind — as a user-friendly compilation of information all students need to know to help ensure successful and rewarding college careers.

Writing Center
At the Writing Center, students may discuss writing projects with peer consultants or the professional staff member. Conferences center on planning, revision, editing, and bibliography or citation matters. Help with writing application essays, personal statements, and employment materials is also given.