Graduate Housing

Traditional on-campus residence hall housing is currently not the Graduate School’s recommendation for graduate students. Many other options are available to graduate students that are very close to campus, provide an opportunity to live with other graduate students, and are comparable (and sometimes less expensive) in price.


One option we highly recommend is University Promenade Apartments. The apartments are located across the street from campus (you can easily walk to campus from the apartments),   they provide a social, community environment much like you would experience in the on-campus residence halls, but with more privacy and higher-end facilities and amenities. Click here for the prices. 

For more information contact Residence Life by email,, or by phone at 219-464-5413. 


Please click here for a list of off-campus apartments


Need Temporary Housing?

Temporary housing on campus is available to new Graduate students.Temporary housing will start Monday, August 10 and end Sunday, August 16. The cost is $28 per night. Click here for more information and to complete the application form.


For questions about housing, please contact the Graduate School by e-mail at