Use Your TCL Credits Towards A Master's At Valpo

Can I apply Valpo-TCL credits toward a Master’s Degree at Valpo?
Yes, through a special program for teachers and educators that have taken TCL (The Connecting Link) coursework and received Valparaiso University credit, we allow up to 12 credits of Valpo-TCL courses to count towards a Master's degree program. Available programs include the Master of Arts in Liberal Studies (MALS) degree with an Individualized concentration, the Master of Arts in English Studies & Communication (ESC) degree, and the Master of Education in Instructional Leadership (MEd-INLD) degree. The credits may be used toward either the concentration or the elective requirements (see below for program requirements).

What are the benefits of applying Valpo-TCL credits toward Valpo’s Master's degree?
Not only can you complete a portion of a Master's degree through highly relevant online coursework taught by educators like you, but you save up to $6,360, depending on the number of credits transferred to a Master's degree program. With competitive tuition of $530 per credit hour, teachers can complete a Master's degree for less than $17,000. Depending on the teacher's school district, Master's degrees may be used to add a content area to a current teaching license or may lead to merit salary increases. 

What are the program requirements?

The Master of Arts in Liberal Studies degree program requires completion of 36 credits, distributed as follows:
•    4 liberal studies (MALS) seminars (12 credits)
•    An Individualized concentration (15 credits)
•    Electives (9 credits)
You may apply Valpo-TCL coursework towards either the concentration or elective categories, or both. Students may also opt to complete an existing concentration, including English, History and Theology, but should consult the MALS program advisor to determine whether 12 credits are transferrable.
Savings: up to 12 credits of TCL coursework = a savings of $6,360!

The Master of Arts-English Studies & Communication degree program requires completion of 37 credits, distributed as follows:
•   2 liberal studies seminars (6 credits)
•   Concentration coursework (25 credits)
•   Electives (6 credits)
TCL credits may be used towards the elective category.
Savings: up to 6 credits of TCL coursework = a savings of $3,180!

 And the MEd-Instructional Leadership degree requires at least 33 credits, distributed as follows:
•   Core Foundation (21 credits)
•   Elective (3 credits)
•   Specialty concentration  (12 credits)
TCL credits may be used towards the elective or specialty category. If TCL credits are to be used towards the specialty concentration category, credits must be relevant to the area of study and must be approved by the program's academic advisor.
Savings: up to 6 credits of TCL coursework = a savings of $3,180!

How could I complete the remainder of the MALS degree?
You will need to work with an advisor so we can establish your professional goals and direction. But, in general, sufficient summer courses are offered so you could complete the degree in as little as one summer of full time study. Of course, you could spread the coursework out over a longer period of time and/or include fall and spring semester courses. During fall and spring, MALS seminars are typically offered one evening each week.

Could the degree be completed online?
Depending on your flexibility and selection of courses, each program has some available coursework that can be completed through online coursework and independent study. However, some courses are only offered on VU's campus and could be completed in one summer during the two 6-week summer sessions.

Are there any other restrictions?
Yes, if you choose this route for your degree, you are not permitted to transfer credits from any other university towards this Valpo degree.

Who do I contact for further information?
Contact the Graduate School at 219-464-5313, 800-821-7685 or for further information or if you have questions…One of the Graduate Admissions Counselors will be happy to assist you in learning more about this special benefit for teachers and educators!