Asian Studies Certificate
GEO 501  Regional Geography: Asia   3 cr
HIST 541 Revolution and its Roots:  Making of Modern China  3 cr
HIST 542 Tragedy and Triumph:  Making of Modern Japan  3 cr
THEO 563 Religions of China and Japan  3 cr
THEO 561 Indian Religions and Culture  3 cr
CHST 590 Topics in Chinese Studies 1-3 cr
THTR 534 Theatre of the Non-Western World (Asian Topics) 3 cr
POLS 535 Politics of Developing States (when focused on the Far East) 3 cr
POLS 590 Seminar in Political Science:  China and Public Policy in China 3 cr
LS 610/ENGL 610 (when topics are Asian American Writers or The Good Earth) 3 cr
Approved topics courses that may include, but are not limited to:  Introduction to East Asian Culture, Philosophy of Asia, Chinese or Japanese Language, Topics in Japanese Literature and Fine Arts, Christianity in China