European Studies Certificate
HIST 504 European Imperialism and the Colonial Experience 3 cr
HIST 512 Europe in the Age of Reformation 3 cr
HIST 513 History of Modern Britain 3 cr
HIST 515 Blood and Iron:  Imperial Germany, 1871-1918 3 cr
HIST 517 Hitler and the Third Reich 3 cr
HIST 560 The Old Regime and the French Revolution 3 cr
HIST 635 Problems in European History 3 cr
ENGL 509 Medieval Literature 3 cr
ENGL 510 Shakespeare 3 cr
ENGL 520 Literature of 16th and 17th Century 3 cr
ENGL 530 Literature of Restoration 3 cr
ENGL 550 British Literature of the 19th Century 3 cr
ART 518 Nineteenth Century European Art 3 cr
POLS 530 Politics of Industrialized States 3 cr
Approved topics courses that may include, but are not limited to:  European History, Medieval Europe, French or German or Spanish Language, 17th and 18th Century European Art, Early 20th Century European Art