Interfraternity Council

Founded in 1909, the North-American Interfraternity Conference is an association of men's inter/national fraternities. On campus, the Interfraternity Council or IFC works as an umbrella organization to all fraternities. IFC is multifaceted organization whose purposes include:

  • Representing the fraternity interest to the University and community;
  • Promotion of the concept of self-governance among Greek organizations;
  • Overseeing membership recruitment activities and promoting community service.

For a copy of the Valparaiso University Interfraternity Council Constitution and Bylaws see the Documents section of this website.

Purpose of the North-American Interfraternity Conference

The purpose of the North-American Interfraternity Conference shall be to promote the well-being of its members fraternities by providing such services to them as the House of Delegates. These services include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Promotion of cooperative action in dealing with fraternity matters of mutual concern;
  • Research in areas of fraternity operations and procedures;
  • Fact-finding and data gathering and the dissemination of such data to the member fraternities;
  • Conference action shall not in any way abrogate the right of its member fraternities to self-determination.

2013 Interfraternity Council Executive Officers

Jesse Fosheim

Vice President of Operations
Will Olson

Vice President Recruitment
Marshall Miller

Vice President Programming
Alexander Rogers

Vice President Public Relations
Michael Micek


Quotes from Valpo's Fraternity and Sorority Members

“If you are interested in getting involved in something with an opportunity for growth, join a fraternity.  It can have a substantial impact on your life, and it is a lifelong commitment to an organization” Garrett Warren, Sigma Chi, Valpo Class of 2015

“I can honestly say that joining Lambda Chi Alpha has made me a better man in every sense of the word.  The entire fraternity and sorority community is focused on making us better versions of ourselves. My grades would not be as good as they are without the support of my brothers.” Joshua Bieck, Lambda Chi Alpha, Valpo Class of 2014

“When considering fraternity membership be extremely open minded. Get to know anybody you can because the fraternity men on this campus are among the best you will meet in your entire life. Determine what is important to you and what is important to each fraternity, and you will find a great partnership. Choose a brotherhood that you can imagine yourself calling brothers for the rest of your life. You will never look back from your decision to join a fraternity and you will have an incredible bond of brotherhood that will never end.”  Alex Rogers, Phi Sigma Kappa, Valpo Class of 2015