I want my son or daughter to succeed academically. Will his/her membership hinder those efforts?

The fraternity/sorority community at Valparaiso University strives for academic excellence and improved scholastic achievement. Each chapter has chosen a grade point average requirement which each member must maintain to be active. Chapters also offer academic assistance for its members, providing study areas and peer tutoring. Every chapter understands that its members are students first, and provide recognition to those who excel and also improve their academic standing. The University requires that students must have a 2.5 cumulative grade point average to join a fraternity or sorority, and have at least a second semester freshman status.

What will it cost for my son or daughter to go Greek?

Joining a fraternity or sorority does carry a financial commitment. Each chapter is self-supporting through dues paid by their members. When students join a Greek letter organization, they also agree to pay dues and fees while in school to maintain membership. Although chapters may make accommodations for special needs, students should discuss the financial obligations with their parent(s) before deciding to join. Each chapter has different dues for membership that cover such things as chapter and national dues, dues to the Interfraternity or Panhellenic Councils, social activities, and miscellaneous costs.

What is the time commitment involved in belonging to a Fraternity/Sorority?

There is no minimum or maximum time that a student must spend with the fraternity or sorority. Through involvement with the chapter, students will learn to better manage their time, balance academics, work and other commitments. Members find that being active in a fraternity or sorority is well worth the time that they put into it.

What about pledging and hazing?

Each new member participates in a period of orientation, where they attend meetings and learn about the history of the chapter, the university, and the values shared by each chapter across the nation. Hazing is opposed by all sororities and fraternities at Valparaiso University, and is not tolerated. Consequently, your son or daughter should never be asked to do anything he/she does not want to do.

Should alcohol be a concern if my son or daughter joins a fraternity/sorority?

All fraternities and sororities have strict policies regarding the consumption of alcohol at functions. These risk management guidelines are set by each chapter's national board, and adhere to the Indiana State and Valparaiso University policies. The sororities at Valparaiso University are not allowed to possess alcohol in their living environments. The fraternities and sororities on campus also conduct programs to educate and instill standards and expectations for their members. All chapters at Valparaiso University must follow the Risk Management Policy.