Dear Parents,

We would like to offer you the answers to some of the questions you might have concerning the fraternity and sorority community at Valparaiso University. Fraternities and sororities at any university offer your son or daughter a "home away from home", providing friendship, scholastic support, leadership experience, involvement, and opportunities for the future.

At Valpo, the fraternity/sorority community is strongly united and growing in numbers. On campus, the students affiliated with fraternities/sororities are viewed as a great asset, and many of the members are active campus leaders.

Valparaiso University currently has 6 inter/national sororities and 9 inter/national fraternities. All organizations have unique qualities, well suited to each of its members. Your son or daughter will have no trouble choosing an organization to join.

If you have any questions concerning fraternity and sorority membership, please access our Parents Guides to Fraternity and Sorority Life below, or  do not hesitate to contact Dr. Carolyn Whittier, Assistant Dean of Students for Greek Life, Leadership, and Volunteer Programs, by phone at 219.464.5411, or by email at carolyn.whittier@valpo.edu.


Parents Guide to Fraternity Life

Parents Guide to Sorority Life