About the Guild

Mission Statement

The Valparaiso University Guild commits to enhancing the student experience while exemplifying the University’s ideals of scholarship, freedom, and faith.


Guild members are alumni, parents, employees, and friends of the University. The Guild has over 600 members nationwide that are dedicated to serving Valpo students. Members work independently or in groups to serve, fundraise and promote Valparaiso University.


In 1931, women associated with VU met on campus and decided to create a national organization called the National Women’s Committee of the Lutheran University Association, which was the precursor to the Valparaiso University Guild. The Guild was formed as an independent group organized to serve the University. This service included recruiting students, hosting parties and benefits in various parts of the country and hosting choir tours. The first three chapters were formed in Ft. Wayne, IN; Appleton, WI; and Detroit, MI.

Since 1931 the Guild has served Valparaiso University. Guild women have organized hundreds of fundraisers, hosted thousands of events and funded several significant campus spaces. Students have appreciated the tokens of tender loving care the Guild has given them through cakes, care packages, cards or a meal off campus.

In May 2006, members met on campus to celebrate the organization’s 75th anniversary and approve a new structure for the organization. The new structure is designed to better meet the needs of Valpo students and modern volunteers.

It is because of the students, the Guild exists. Members are motivated by the scholarships, grants and service that can be done to enhance the student experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Guild do? 

Enhances the student’s experience while they are on campus through funding scholarships and grants by providing service. 

Who can be a member? 

Any man or woman who wants to support students at Valparaiso University and ensure they have an extraordinary experience. 

 How is the Guild different from the Valpo Alumni Association? 

The Alumni Association primarily focuses on maintaining a network for alumni to connect to Valpo. In the Guild, alumni, parents and friends of Valpo provide service, fundraising and social opportunities that focus on the student. 

I heard the Guild doesn’t have “chapters” anymore. What does this mean? 

While members are no longer organized into chapters, local groups continue to serve together.  Guild members can plan their activities with the support of the Guild office (who will provide contact lists, funding and publicity).  It also means that members who don’t live near other members will be given equal opportunity to be involved.

 How do people know if a local group of Guild supporters are getting together? 

The events schedule on the Guild website lists all Guild activities. Anyone may contact the Guild office for more information.

How can I find out the names of other Guild members in my area? 

 Contact the Guild office for information about other Guild members in your area.  The Guild office can also provide lists of students, parents and alumni. 

What can I do to raise money to serve the Guild's mission? 

Make an individual contribution to the Guild Endowment Fund, use www.GoodSearch.com or www.GoodShop.com, participate in local fundraising efforts, or initiate a local fundraising activity.  

What does the Guild do with the money I donate? 

 The goal is that eventually all money donated to the Guild will go into the Guild Endowment Fund (GEF), and then the spending from the endowment will fund all Guild philanthropy and operations.  At this time, the GEF needs to grow substantially to generate enough spending to meet this goal.  For now most money contributed through contributions and fundraising is invested in the GEF with a portion being reserved to fund Guild Campus Gift Grants and operating expenses.  

When are dues due? 

Members may make “membership contributions” (no longer called dues) at any time during the Guild’s fiscal year (July 1 – June 30). A donation of $50 or more gives you voting rights and adds you to our mailing list to receive regular updates on the state of the Guild.

Do you have to be a Guild member to support the Guild? 

 While many people choose to become members through individual contributions to the Guild Endowment Fund, others support the Guild by attending Guild-sponsored events at the local or national level, participating in Guild webinars online, or by using www.GoodSearch.com and www.GoodShop.com (designate Valparaiso University Guild as your charity).  When asked, the Guild office will add non-member supporters to mailing lists. 

Guild Board

2014 Guild Board of Directors:

  • Ann (Harding '94) Ashmon (-2015), Secretary
  • Christine (Ruppar '95) Blake (-2016)
  • Julie (Neymark '74) Bohannon (-2015)
  • Barbara (Speth '76) Dammann (-2016)
  • Deb Evans '89 (-2014), Chair
  • Victoria Flood '92 (-2014)
  • Ginger (Wendt '88) Haas (-2016)
  • Judy (Fry '76)Mason (-2015), Treasurer
  • Kristy (Paukner '02) McCann (-2014)
  • Kim (Mathews '83) Olsen (-2014), Vice Chair
The Valparaiso University Guild enhances the student experience while exemplifying the University's ideals of scholarship, freedom and faith.