Services We Offer

Most services provided by the Health Center are provided in your student fee, however, some services will incur a nominal fee. 

If your visit includes lab work, all lab will be at a discounted cost!! (cost of analysis billed to student or Student Insurance)

Health Center services:

Chronic and acute illness/injury office visits

Orthopedic care treatment

Wound and burn care (treatment and first visit supplies)

Physicals (athletic, travel abroad, employment and military)

Women wellness exams

Point-of-care testing (rapid step and mono, pregnancy, urinalysis, blood sugar and PPD)

Referral to specialty services

Manage and store student allergy shots/collaborate with student's allergist

Orthopedic care supplies (crutches, slings, braces, ace wraps and casting)

Wound and burn care supplies after first visit

Laceration care supplies (simple suturing and adhesive repair)

Wart/lesion removal

Immunizations (influenza, Hepatitis A and B, MMR and Tdap)

Allergy shot administration

Lab Services

Pharmaceuticals on site (over-the-counter and prescribed)