Student Insurance Information

Valparaiso University is interested in promoting good health practices as well as preventing sickness and accidents among students. The University does not assume financial responsibility for a student in case of illness or accident. The University maintains the Student Health Center for the treatment of illnesses and minor accidents. The services of the physician and nurses and some laboratory tests are provided to students at no charge. Illnesses or accidents which require more extensive treatment or services are referred to the local hospital or to specialists in the community. Students or their parents are responsible for the costs of such treatment if it is not covered by the Plan.

The plan provides limited accident and sickness coverage. It is not a substitute for comprehensive health insurance coverage and does not qualify as minimum essential health coverage under the Affordable Care Act.

The Plan consists of 2 separate policies. The policy represented by Plan A is accident-only and the policy represented by Plan B is fixed indemnity sickness-only. The plans are provided for all full-time students (undergraduate, graduate, and law) who pay the full general fee to the University. The cost is covered by the general fees which a student pays at the beginning of each semester. The coverage is not designed to provide benefits for all medical costs. The student or parents will be responsible for costs over and above policy benefits.

Only the Plan B–fixed indemnity-sickness only plan is available for dependents of insured students of Valparaiso University for the same period of coverage as the student. A student wanting to insure his/her dependents must complete the dependent enrollment form and return to the Student Affairs Office no later than September 27, 2014. New students enrolling into the spring semester may also enroll their dependents. The deadline to enroll dependents is February 7, 2015.


Claims may be filed with the Valparaiso University Health Center at 55 University Drive, Suite 102, Valparaiso, IN 46383 or sent directly to Special Risk Claims, Commercial Travelers Mutual Insurance Company, 70 Genesee Street, Utica, NY 13502. 

A Student Insurance Medical Claim Form must be submitted for all claims within 30 days after the date of accident or commencement of sickness. All Student Insurance Medical Claim Forms must be processed at Valparaiso University Health Center. Bills for which benefits are to be paid must be submitted within 90 days of the date of treatment.

NOTE: Medical expense due to intercollegiate (varsity) athletic injury should be referred to the Varsity Athletic Trainers for further instructions.


All full-time graduate students who are enrolled for 9 credit hours or more and pay the full general fee and full-time undergraduate and full-time law students who are enrolled for 12 credit hours or more and pay the full general fee will be covered under Plan A and Plan B. New students beginning full-time enrollment at the University during summer must carry at least six (6) credit hours per summer term and pay the full general fee to be eligible for coverage under Plan A and Plan B.


For more information please call 219-464-5400