Spring Health Cleaning
Here are some easy tips to help you spring clean your health today!
Spring is a great time to conduct a diet audit and see which areas can be improved.
One of the best ways to fix your diet is to get in to the habit of meal planning. There are lots of tools online to help you set up a meal plan. Once you start your plan you will shop in advance for what you need and you will always have the ingredients on hand.
As part of this plan and audit, try to build in the five servings a day of vegetables you need to stay healthy. Spring is a great time for light soups, veggie-rich stir fries and nourishing salads.
Give your body some shock treatment and overhaul - or restart - your exercise routine. You do not need to head straight out and run a marathon, but if you've had a sluggish winter you need to shock the body in spring and reap the benefits in summer. Walk - walk- walk!!!
Warmer weather and sunshine may not be enough motivation for many of us. Another simple motivator may be to buy something new to train in. It could just be a some sport socks but it can inspire you to get out and exercise.
If you're hitting the great outdoors again for the first time in a while stay on top of your hydration levels.
Once you head outside to exercise you will need to monitor your water intake or you will be come quickly fatigued or cramp up and not enjoy exercising.
A mental spring cleaning gives us the opportunity to clear our mind, get rid of habits that don't serve us, plant seeds of positivity and start creating the life we want.
Three simple tips to spring clean your mind:
  1. Start meditating - spend at least 5 minutes in nature a day to ensure you are awake and fully there for every conversation, task and experience
  2. Dissolve negative behaviors - have a whine-free day, only focus on the positive. Challenge the way you think and see things from a different perspective
  3. Do activities that nourish your brain - visit and art gallery, choose a magazine you'd never normally read or study a foreign language. Keep your neural networks firing and growing