Faculty Profile

Kevin Ostoyich, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

College of Arts & Sciences, Room 356


Kevin Ostoyich has taught at Valpo since 2006 and is currently serving as chair of the History Department.  He has previously directed Valpo’s Study Abroad Center in Hangzhou, China (Fall 2011 Semester) and Valpo’s Study Abroad Center in Reutlingen, Germany (Fall 2013 Semester through Spring 2015 Semester).  Ostoyich holds his B.A. from the University of Pennsylvania and his A.M. and Ph.D. from Harvard University.  He has served as a research associate at the Harvard Business School and a research fellow at Notre Dame’s Erasmus Institute.  Immediately before coming to Valpo, he taught at the University of Montana.  At Valpo he has offered the following 300-level courses:  Blood & Iron: Imperial Germany, Hitler and the Third Reich, Contemporary Europe: A Century of Violence, Modern Germany, Luther & Bach, Historiography & Methods, European Encounters with China, and History Mystery.  In addition, Ostoyich has taught the Department’s general survey course on European history, as well as, its capstone senior seminar course.  

Professor Ostoyich is the author of the book The German Society of Pennsylvania: A Guide to Its Book and Manuscript Collections (Washington, DC: German Historical Institute, 2006) and is currently working on three book manuscripts, “Crossings: German Catholics and the Politics of Emigrant Assistance in the Context of Religious Revival, 1850 - 1914,” “Claiming the Kaiser Prize: The Troubled Tale of Trophies and Troubadours,” and “The History of the Shanghai Jews from the Perspective of Cultural Interaction and Exchange: Historiography and Commemoration, New Scholarship, and Interview Testimonies “ (edited with Yun Xia).  He has published articles, encyclopedia entries, and/or book reviews in International Journal for the Study of the Christian Church, German Studies Review, The Historian, The Cresset, Germany and the Americas (ed., Thomas Adam), International Encyclopedia of Revolution and Protest, Dimensions of International Migration (eds., Päivi Hoikkala and Dorothy D. Wills), and Journal of American Ethnic History.  Most recently his article “’Back on Straw’: The Experience of Shanghai Jewish Refugees in Bremen after Escaping German National Socialism, Enduring a Japanese ‘Designated Area,’ and Fleeing Chinese Communism” was published in Studia Historica Gedanensia, and his article “The Sound and Silence of the German American Apollo: The Musical Score of Eugen Klee and the Kaiser Prize” was published in Pennsylvania History: A Journal of Mid-Atlantic Studies.  The latter article can be accessed at https://muse.jhu.edu/journals/pennsylvania_history/toc/pnh.83.1.html.  Ostoyich is currently completing articles on a German Catholic emigration agent in Hamburg during the first half of the twentieth century and the shaming of Brooklyn’s Thirteenth Regiment of the National Guard during the Spanish-American War.

Professor Ostoyich’s research has been funded by such institutions as ASIANetwork, the Krupp Foundation, the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, the German Historical Institute, and the Charles Warren Center for American History (Harvard).  He has given guest lectures at the Hochschule für Jüdische Studien, Heidelberg and New York University.

Professor Ostoyich is married to a saint named Rebecca and together they try to keep up with their superstar daughter Daphne Freya.  Professor Ostoyich loves more than anything listening to the works of J.S. Bach, Richard Strauss, and the Bee Gees with his daughter. 


B.A. - University of Pennsylvania 
A.M. and Ph.D. - Harvard University 

Research Interests

Early Modern and Modern Germany, Religion, Migration, and German-American Studies