History at Valpo

Strengths of our History Program


Our top priority is identifying our students strengths and working with them to put in place the courses and credentials necessary to attain their ultimate goal - a career. Often this means study-abroad programs, internships and/or applying for grants while still in the midst of undergraduate study. Some of the grants that majors apply for are the Marshall, Rhodes, and Fulbright grants.


We expect academic excellence and therefore have set high standards across the discipline. We like to believe that our rigorousness will furnish students with research and writing skills that will allow them to excel in whatever occupation or vocation they choose. However, we do not view ourselves as elitists, for we work with students of all abilities the aim being, or course, to improve their interpretive and communicative skills.


Our faculty is balanced among areas of specialization in US, European, and Non-western history. We are committed to working closely with students.

A View Beyond Valpo

We recognize that college prepares students for their careers. Our aim is to sit down with each student individually by the time they are juniors and discuss what they need to do to "research" the steps necessary to attain their career goal so that they will make a wise decision in determining the way they should approach the job market, select a graduate school, or prepare for law school.