Employee Benefits

Valparaiso University understands that different people have different needs when it comes to their benefits.  That's why we have carefully constructed a benefits package that gives you choices.

Valparaiso University's Shield of Character represents the attributes that define the University.  One of those qualities is the ability to protect faculty, staff and their families from the risks that are most threatening to their health and financial security. This protection is developed in partnership with you--the University offers you a choice in benefits that you can use to create your own personal Benefits Shield of Protection

New Paid Vacation Time Leave Policy (Effective 7/1/13)  
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Our Health Member Relations Team

Phone - 866-434-3255
Email - member@ourhealth.org
Portal - member.ourhealth.org


United Health Care - 2015 Benefits Presentation



Guardian Information- 2015


Dental Information

  • Guardian Dental customer service
    Phone - 800-541-7846 - Group ID - 505122

Vision Information

  • Guardian Vision customer service
    Phone - 877-814-8970 - Group ID 505122




Affordable Care Act (ACA) Information

Information on Valparaiso University's Health Plans and the ACA 

Health Insurance Marketplace Options/Exchange Notice


*Summary Annual Report

Other valuable resources:

UnitedHealthCare - General United Health Care Information
- View your medical claims, account balances, estimate health care costs, and more.

“Now That You’ve Enrolled”, a brochure that provides information on using United Healthcare’s Health Plan features and tools, is also available.   This resource has been designed with hyperlinks to allow the user to quickly find topics of interest within the document and link to UHC's online resources.


Notice for Medicare-eligible Employees and Dependents


Summary of Benefits Coverage - 2014

 Choice Plus PPO Faculty Overseas Plan

 Choice Plus PPO Plan

Choice Plus HRA Faculty Overseas Plan 

Choice Plus HRA Plan

Notice of Privacy Policy (HIPAA)


Summary of Benefits Coverage - 2015

Choice Plus PPO Faculty Overseas Plan

Choice Plus PPO Plan

Choice Plus HRA Faculty Overseas Plan

Choice Plus HRA Plan