2014 Institute of Liturgical Studies Schedule,
The Word in Time: Lectionary, Proclamation, and the Church Year
April 28-30, 2014


Monday, April 28, 2014

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

11:00 AM    Registration Opens , Welcome Desk at Harre Union  9:00 AM   - Terce, Leader:  Lorraine Brugh, Piano: Julie Grindle 12:00 AM  MATINS - Leader: Mark Mummert, Gloria Christi Chapel
1:00 - 4:00 PM   Seminars 9:15 AM Plenary Session #1 Martin Marty 3:00 AM    LAUDS - Leader: John Morris,
Gloria Christi Chapel
2:45 PM   Refreshment Break
Ballroom A, Harre Union

10:30 AM  Refreshment Break
Ballroom A, Harre Union

6:00 AM   PRIME - Leader: Brian Johnson,
Gloria Christi Chapel
6:00 PM   Reception & Orientation
Ballrooms B & C, Harre Union
10:45 AM   Workshops (Various Locations) 9:00 AM    TERCE - Leader: Benjamin Stewart, Musician: Stephen Rapp, Homilist: Frederick Niedner.  Chapel of the Resurrection.

7:30 PM   Opening Eucharist
Chapel of the Resurrection
Presider & Preacher: Frederick Niedner; Organist: Melissa Plamann; Institute Schola, Zeb Highben, director

Noon  -  Sext, Commemoration of Catherine of Siena, Chapel of the Resurrection.  Preacher: Charlene Cox, Musician: John Bernthal 10:00 AM   Plenary Session #3  - David Lose
12:30 Lunch on one's own 11:15 AM   Workshops (Various Locations)
2:00 PM Plenary Session #2 - Gail Ramshaw
Ballrooms B & C, Harre Union
12:30 PM   Lunch on one's own
3:00 PM NONE Service, Leader: Julie Grindle, Piano: Lorraine Brugh
Ballrooms B & C, Harre Union
2:00 PM     Plenary Session #4 - Jennifer Baker-Trinity, Chapel of the Resurrection - West End
3: 15 PM Refreshment Break
Ballroom A, Harre Union
3:15 PM     Workshops (Various Locations)
  3:45 PM   Workshops
(Various Locations, refer to Program Book)

4:30 PM     Eucharist at the Closing of the Institute.  Preacher: Jan Rippentrop; Presider: Bishop Robert Rimbo; Musician: Scott Weidler
Choir: Kantorei of the Chapel of the Resurrection, Lorraine Brugh, Director

5:00 PM    Various Receptions 6:15 PM    Appetizers prior to banquet -
President's Foyer, Harre Union (Outside Ballrooms)
6:00 PM   VESPERS Evening Prayer w/ Candle Lighting.  Leaders: Susan Nachtigal at Deaconess House and Robert Farlee at ALCM House.  7:00 PM    Banquet - Ballroom B & C, Harre Union
Chapel of the Resurrection, Valparaiso University Chorale and Symphony Orchestra, Ernst Bloch Sacred Service
Leader: Christopher Cock
Conductor: Dennis Friesen-Carper