Seminars are limited to 25 registrants each and will be scheduled concurrently on Monday, April 24, 2017 from 1:00-4:00 p.m. 

Participants are encouraged to be prepared to perform or show their work if invited by the leaders to do so, each according to the focus of the class. Participants may receive instruction in the topics listed; for those who already have training in the area, the class can also serve as a model for how to teach the topic.  Participation in Seminars requires an additional fee of $65 with full registration or $75 if not attending the Institute.


I-to Loh

How Could We Sing Foreign Songs in Our Land?

Some Christians are contented with singing only traditional Western hymns, thus are hesitant to sing others from foreign lands.  This seminar will stimulate the interest in Asian hymns through analysis of their texts, imageries, stylistic features and performance practices, so that more Christians around the globe may also sing the Lord's songs in Asia.


Born 1936 in Taiwan (M.Div. SMM. Ph.D. (UCLA), FHS(.  He taught Asian and Global Church Music at Asian Institute for Liturgy and Music, Manila and Tainan Theological College and Seminary, Taiwan.  He was a leader and advisor to innumerable WCC and CCA ecumenical assemblies and workshops.  He is the editor of Sound the Bamboo: CCA hymnal 2000 and Seng-si 2009, Official Hymnal of the Presbyterian Church in Taiwan, and the author of Hymnal Companion to STB Asian Hymns in Their Cultural and Liturgical Contexts (GIA 2011) and In Search for Asian Sounds and Symbols in Worship (CSCA, Singaport 2012.