Sports Marketing Intern

This position is responsible for generating attendance and enhancing game day experiences at Valpo intercollegiate athletics events and is accountable for meeting or exceeding ticket revenue goals and fan satisfaction targets set by the University.

  1. Developing the marketing and advertising strategies, identify best practice, and manage the promotion and sale of group, season and single game tickets to men’s basketball, football, women’s basketball, women’s volleyball and other Valpo intercollegiate athletics events as needed.
  2. Collaborate, coordinate, manage and support the efforts of the IMC-SD athletics team and other on-campus organizations as they encourage student attendance at athletics events.
  3. Managing the fan experience aspects of the game day atmosphere including the coordination of activities, promotion slotting, spirit groups, video board content management and production, and integration with sports information to encourage an entertaining and energetic game environment.
  4. Develop hiring plan and provide direction and management oversight to ticket promotions and event experience marketing interns.
  5. Build strategic partner-level relationships with coaching staff, athletics department administration required for success.
  6. Work with the IMC planner for athletics marketing to implement marketing and communications initiatives consistent with the goals outlined in the marketing plan and collaborate with IMC staff to ensure quality creative execution on athletics projects and achieve outcomes consistent with athletics department strategic plan.


A passion for and interest in sports and athletics is desired, with a basic understanding of athletics scheduling and event dynamics

Essential skills include:  Initiative, strong presence, customer focus, good computer and communication skills. Must work flexible hours including evenings and weekends.  Strong organizational skills a must