J-1 Employment
Employment means the rendering of services on either a part-time or full-time basis for any type of compensation (financial or other).  Employment is only available to students who are in lawful immigration status, and only after proper authorization is granted.  There are restrictions attached to the employment and you should consult the Office of International Programs about the rules and restrictions.  Working illegally in the U.S. is a serious violation of your immigration status and may result in deportation.  

On-Campus Employment

  • J-1 Students must see an OIP advisor to obtain on-campus employment authorization and update their DS 2019 before they start working on campus.
  • Some program sponsors or government sponsors do not allow students to engage in on campus employment.  (E.g., the GO- Teacher program)

Off-campus employment for J-1 Students

  • Academic Training (AT) is available immediately for J-1 students
  • You may need to get a waiver from your program sponsor or government sponsor to participate in the Academic Training.
  • The job must be in the major field of study as indicated on your DS 2019
  • Proper authorization from the OIP must be granted BEFORE you start working
  • For more information please schedule an appointment with an OIP advisor