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Academic Success Center

The Academic Success Center supports all VU students in achieving academic success.  Currently, the ASC serves as a referral system for campus-wide academic support services and resources including:  tutoring, help sessions, study group sessions, academic advisement, learning assistance, learning enrichment workshops, career planning, student support groups, and disability support services.

Tricia White (Director) -

Graduate School

Founded in 1859, Valparaiso University has been known for the integration of its outstanding liberal arts education and professional programs. It belongs to a distinctive group of institutions of higher education that consistently receives national recognition for quality educational programs. The graduate programs at Valparaiso extend this tradition of excellence to include a number of areas of advanced study. Our programs are deliberately limited to the kinds of graduate study that fit our larger mission of both service and scholarship, that blend liberal and professional education, and that we know we can do exceptionally well.

Jennifer Guziewicz (DirectorAcademic Services) –

Writing Center

As you know, the more you speak, the more fluent you become! Come in often for help with short assignments or questions about vocabulary or grammar. For example, you could plan for two half-hour appointments per week with the same consultant. Also, come to other activities like Conversation Group and our workshops. Our consultants are always ready to talk with you. Interlink students may sign up for appointments when they are enrolled in a Valpo course.

International Conversation Group

The Writing Center invites you to come to International Conversation Group thi、 semester! Valpo students get together weekly for games and other activities to share cultures and have fun with the English language. Interlink students are welcome at Conversation Group.

Peer Tutors (

Are you interested in receiving academic assistance from another VU student who has successfully completed a course that you are currently taking this semester?  Are you looking for a help session or study group for a particular course?  If so, tutoring services are available in a variety of forms and venues across campus. 

Students who would like to receive the assistance of a peer tutor may apply through the ASC by completing the Peer Tutoring Request form:

Graduate Tutoring Lab

The Graduate Tutoring Center is designed to provide assistance to graduate students for a variety of needs.  Whether it be formatting papers, review of homework, or more specialized topic specific tutoring.  Tutors are graduate students from a variety of programs, but primarily English Studies and Communication.

SMART Scholars (Freshman Students)

This program consists of a ‘select’ group of VU students chosen to be S.M.A.R.T. Scholar Peer Mentors to new, incoming students. Peer Mentor Scholars are trained to work with their student mentee(s) throughout the year.  Mentoring has been proven to benefit students

Strategies For Academic Success Course - GS100 (Fall & Spring Semesters)

Strategies for Academic Success is a seminar designed to offer insight into learning strategies and study skills that complement individual learning styles and promote students’ academic achievement. Through focused discussion on course materials, peer interaction, skill development, self-assessment, and other activities, students will explore competencies important to development as a college student. Students will discover how they learn best and what hinders their learning.  With increased understanding about their learning styles and preferences, students will identify the best practices for improving academic performance and achieving their college goals.