On Campus Housing
If you are a new undergraduate student, you are probably living in a residence hall. Our office staff will bring you directly from the bus station to the residence hall. The dorms are open early to accommodate international students. Please note that there is no bedding provided upon arrival so please bring a minimum of $30-$50 US Dollar cash with you to purchase bedding, basic supplies and food for the first few nights in the dorm. For summer and fall arrivals, you can wait for a couple of months before purchasing a heavier blanket immediately.

The OIP recommends that international students live on campus for at least the first two years (undergraduate students) or one semester (graduate students) because it is the best way to meet American students and adjust to the U.S. Many students opt to live in Brandt Hall because it is open during break periods; however, you may live in another hall and find a friend’s room to stay in during breaks. Make sure you pay attention to the rules about the length of stay in residence halls and requirements for break housing, such as completing forms and picking up new keys BEFORE the deadline. In general it is necessary to move out after your exams are finished. Your RA (resident assistant) will help to explain other rules, and the Office of Residential Life (in Kretzmann Hall, phone 464-5413) will also be happy to help you. You can also check their website for further details: http://www.valpo.edu/reslife/.

You may want to live off-campus for dietary or other reasons; however, if you are under 22, you must file a petition with the Housing Office to do so. Do not sign the off-campus ‘lease’  before you are ‘released’ from on campus by res-life. There are several apartment complexes around campus, and many houses are divided into apartments. When you seek an apartment, make sure it meets your needs and that you can meet your obligations for rent and damages.