Traveling to Valparaiso University

Students should fly into O’Hare International Airport in Chicago, Illinois.  The Office of International Programs staff will help coordinate your transportation from the airport to Valparaiso University.

  1. Fly into O’Hare International Airport, Chicago, Illinois
  2. Ride the Coach USA bus to Portage, Indiana
  3. Our office staff will pick you up and drive you to Valparaiso

Please make arrangement with our office prior to your arrival.  Refer to your admission packet for forms and more detailed instructions.
Bus schedule for connections from O'Hare International Airport in Chicago to PORTAGE, Indiana, a small town about 15 miles from Valparaiso.
Please complete the Arrival Information Form from your admission packet and fax it to 219-464-6868 once you have made your flight arrangements so that we know when you are scheduled to arrive in Chicago.  If you have the bus driver call us from the bus ($1.00), our office staff will pick you up in Portage.  If you are able to get to Valparaiso by some other means, make sure that you call the office as soon as you arrive.  The office phone number is 219-464-5333, and, for after office hours, call 219-309-7757.

Transportation in Valparaiso
Public transportation in Valparaiso is provided through taxi services and the V- line.  If you plan to study in Valparaiso for a period of two to four years, you may want to purchase a car to maximize your mobility.

  • V-Line: a bus service operated by the city in collaboration with the university.  Students ride free of charge and the v-lines runs the routes to downtown shopping centers, Walmart and Target, as well as a weekend line that goes to the Dunes, so that people can catch the train to and from Chicago.
  • Taxi: 24/7 Taxi 219-762-7575.
  • Train: South Shore Train Line from Dune Park Station in  Chesterton to downtown Chicago ($6.50) 1-800-356-2079.
  • Car Rental: Enterprise: 219-531-2700.

Airport Transportation:

  1. CoachUSA
  2. Pipeline People Movers 1-877-723-7300 or 1-219-769-4900.  Cost: $40 each way per person; group rate is available (e.g., $75 for 2 persons, $110 for 3 persons, $129 for 4 persons).  Call three days in advance with flight number and information.  Return flight information will also be asked for.  They will tell you the necessary pick up time. People Movers will pick you up at your door.  When you return, they will pick you up 30 minutes after the flight lands.