English Courses for International Students

“Professors understand that English is not our first language, so they pay more attention to international students.”

Bolor Zorigt, Mongolia (Finance/Computer Science)

Student participation and professors’ expectations in a U.S. classroom can be much different from those in other countries. The INTERLINK Language Center on campus prepares international students to meet the academic challenges they will face at VU. Completion of the INTERLINK program is accepted by VU in place of a TOEFL score.


INTERLINK offers intensive English preparation in grammar, reading, writing, listening and speaking for admissible students who have not met Valpo’s TOEFL requirements. The emphasis is on effective communication, and the goal is solid preparation for academic success.

INTERLINK also offers special programs geared towards preparing students entering the Law and Business programs at VU.

Other English Courses for International Students

If you meet the TOEFL requirements to study at Valpo as an undergraduate student, you will still have the opportunity to improve your English reading skills in the following courses:

English for International Students offering grammar and basic composition skills for students whose native language is not English.

Freshman Core:

An interdisciplinary course designed to help first-year undergraduate students develop skills in reading and critical thinking, in speaking, and especially in writing.