Upon Arrival

If you have signed up for housing at VU, our office staff will bring you directly from the bus station to the dorm.  The dorms are open early to accommodate international students.  Please note that there is no bedding provided upon arrival so please bring with you a minimum of $30-$50 US Dollar cash to purchase bedding, basic supplies and food for the first couple of nights in the dorm.  For summer and fall arrivals, you can wait for a couple of months before purchasing a heavier blanket.  If you arrive in the winter, you will need to allow for more cash to purchase a heavier blanket immediately.  You should also bring with you some warm clothing and winter gears.

Phone and internet access:

During orientation, we will have shopping trips to Walmart where you may purchase phone cards for domestic call (U.S. calls). You may also purchase special phone cards which asks you to call a U.S. number,  then call the number overseas using a PIN number.  Some students choose to purchase plans from Skype.  For about $10 per month there is unlimited access to most countries.  Certain plans will provide you with an actual phone number via Skype.

New students will not have internet access in your dorm room or on campus until you activate your ID during orientation. If you wish to contact home immediately upon arrival, you may come to our office for assistance.  For emergency contact, you may give our office number (011-219-464-5333) to your family.