Janice Lin

Janice Lin

Janice – Assistant Director

Role in the OIP Advises international students and scholars on immigration issues (travel, employment, maintaining status, change of status, visa application, etc) and cross-cultural adjustment. Assists with SEVIS/immigration compliance. Brings awareness to the VU community on immigration regulations pertaining to international students.


International Experience

Janice was born and raised in Hong Kong, a British Colony at the time which was truly a melting pot of different cultures and religions. English was the official language and was used at school, though Cantonese is her mother tongue. Janice also studied Mandarin beginning in junior high. She came to the University of Wisconsin for her undergraduate studies before continuing graduate work at Indiana University. Though these schools have large international student populations, luckily the majors (Communication Arts (UG), and Arts Administration (Master's)) she chose were not popular among international students, giving her the chance to meet and associate with American students. Janice encourages foreign students to seek that balance of associating with both international and native students while studying in the U.S. Before coming to the International Office at Valpo, she worked in similar roles at Purdue University and Butler University.


  • Reading: currently, Janice is reading translated Japanese novels. She waits for shipments of books like little kids waiting for their candies.
  • Music/performance arts: she plays the piano for fun and would like to join a group to sing again someday.
  • Cooking, baking, and enjoying international cuisines.

If provided with a free plane ticket today, it would be to…