IT Announces Migration From Novell to Microsoft

August 3, 2012

During the 2012-2013 academic year, Information Technology will transition from our current Novell eDirectory file storage and print system to one that uses Microsoft Active Directory technology. This process has already been underway behind the scenes for well over a year. There are numerous reasons to make this transition, including simplification and movement toward industry standards. The most important reason to move away from the Novell structure is the impending end-of-life cycle for our current system; in short, the technology is old and in need of replacement. By transitioning to a more common type of system, we can take advantage of many more available resources, including add-on applications and the skills of IT staff. We will also be able to continue moving forward with upgrading campus computers to Windows 7.

This change means that IT will need to reconfigure the software installed on every computer on campus. Printing on campus and password management will continue to work through the new system. The biggest benefit to campus technology users will be the simplification of the login process; once you have transitioned to the new system, you will not need the long “Novell context” we have used for many years. Instead, you will use the short ValpoNet username and password that you already use for most computing services on campus.

IT staff will be coordinating these changes with each department to minimize the impact on productivity. We will also strive to send regular communication to campus through a variety of methods, and will make training and documentation widely available. If you have any questions at any time about this process, please contact the Help Desk (,, 219.464.5678).