Faculty Summer Migrations

IT has been working diligently to try and get all faculty migrated to the new Active Directory system before you leave campus for the summer. Some departments have not been migrated, and will need to be completed over the summer.

To prepare your computer for migration, please make sure that any data on the hard drive of your computer is backed up to another location: flash drive, G: or H: drive, Google Drive, burned onto a CD or DVD, etc. IT staff will do our best to leave your information intact when we migrate your computer. We ask for your assistance in backing up your files so that they aren't lost in this process.

This step is especially crucial if you are still using a Windows XP computer. Windows XP computers will be reimaged and upgraded to Windows 7; this means that the computer will be wiped clean and fresh software installed. If you have questions about which version of Windows you have or need assistance backing up your data, please follow the instructions on this webpage or contact the IT Help Desk (webhelpdesk.valpo.edu, 219.464.5678, it.helpdesk@valpo.edu).

IT will coordinate these migration efforts with department chairs and administrative assistants. We will do our best to keep you informed about any additional information related to your migration, such as scheduling and what happens in this process.

If you have any questions, please contact our team via our shared email address: AD.MigrationTeam@valpo.edu