Adding Media

1. Create a new post or edit an old one.


2. In the upload area, browse the computer to find the image file.

3. Once found, enter in a Title and Description of the file.

4. Click upload.

5. Next, you can choose to show the full size picture or just the title. If you want to be able to click the file to see just the picture, select file. If you want to click the picture and go to the text with picture, select page. If you don’t want to be able to click the picture, select none.


6. Click Send to Editor

7. Click Save or publish.

8. If you would like to delete the picture, edit the post and select it in the post’s body and click the delete key.

Embedding Video From YouTube

1. To add a video file, make sure that your plugins are activated. To activate them, Click Plugins in the blog taskbar and select activate.



2. Now, create or edit a post.

3. In the body of the post, if you wanted to add a video from, type:

[youtube:(post the URL here)]

It would look something like this:


4. Once this is entered, click Save. The video should now be viewable from the blog homepage.