How to Write/Manage Posts

1. There are a few ways to begin writing a post. You can click on the Write a Post link on the dashboard, or just to the right of Dashboard is Write.


2. Here, your drafts are displayed at the top if you have saved a post, but have not published it.


3. Write in the Title of the post what you would like it to be called. You can then fill in the body of the post with what the post is about.


4. When you’re done with that, categories is on the right side of the page. Here, you can choose under what category the post should be under.


5. You can also upload a file here, give it a title, as well as a description.


6. You can also edit discussion options, give the post a password, post status, give the post a timestamp, add excerpts, trackbacks, or a custom field.

7. When you’re finished, you can click Save and Continue Editing to save it, and continue to work on your post, save to save the post and begin a new one, or publish to make your post go live on your blog page.


8. To manage posts, click the Manage tab and click the Post sub tab.

9. Here, you can view, edit, or delete the most recent posts published on the blog.