Gmail@Valpo Training

IT staff can offer classroom style or individual training to meet your specific needs (whether personal or departmental); put in a Web Help Desk ticket via the IT Help Desk to request a session.

NEW! The video archive of the Google Apps training webinar with Susan Metz offered on September 12, 2012 is now available for viewing on the HR Training intranet site. (Note: ValpoNet login required)

In addition, there are several courses that cover the features and functions of Gmail/Google Apps. To access the courses, click here first to login, then click the course links below. Descriptions below are the official descriptions.

"Gmail Essential Training" (1h 55m): 
In this course, Google Apps trainer Susan Metz demonstrates how to streamline the communication process using Gmail's advanced and hidden features. The course shows how to create filters to manage the flow of messages and demonstrates Gmail's powerful search function. The course also describes how to customize the inbox and organize names and email addresses using the Contact Manager.

"Gmail for Power Users" (3h 17m):
In Gmail for Power Users, Susan Metz shows how to personalize email, manage multiple accounts, and be more productive with Google's email service. The course offers tips and tricks for customizing Gmail to suit your needs; working efficiently with shortcuts; taking advantage of labels; integrating with Calendar, Google Docs, and social media; using voice and video chat; implementing time management in Gmail; and much more.

"Google Calendar Essential Training" (1h 38m):
In Google Calendar Essential Training, Google Apps trainer Susan Metz demonstrates how to use this web-based application to manage both personal and professional schedules. The course shows how to invite attendees and assign resources for any event with the Scheduling tool, and how to monitor attendee responses from within the application. Tutorials on setting up tasks and troubleshooting errors are also included.

"Google Docs Essential Training" (3h 10m):
In Google Docs Essential Training, Susan Metz shows how to create and manage documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and forms in Google Docs that can be stored securely online and edited from any computer. The course also covers techniques for granting viewer and editor rights and publishing and sharing documents. Exercise files accompany the course.

NEW! "Google Drive Essential Training" (4h 38m):
Google Drive incorporates the document creation features of Google Docs with a cloud computing solution that keeps your content updated and synchronized across the web, your computer, and your mobile device. In this course, author Susan Metz teaches the essentials for creating, formatting, sharing, and editing Google documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and forms. The course also introduces the new Google Drive homepage, the Google Drive sync folder, and file management on the online web drive.