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Information Technology is pleased to provide the entire campus community with full access to the Online Training Library®. The Online Training Library® offers 24 hour access to over 113,000 training videos in over 2,400 courses on a broad spectrum of topics, including technologies, creative tools, soft business skills, and much more. Short videos – a couple minutes each – are posted within "courses" on the site. Simply search for your topic, find your video, get the answer you need, and get back to your work quickly.

The benefits to the Valpo community through use of are enormous.

  • Faculty can use the training library to enhance offerings in the classroom; see the case studies linked on our website for inspiration.
  • Staff can develop their technical skills and achieve goals relating to professional development.
  • Students can access the videos around the clock, making it easier to get the information they need when they need it – even if that means during an all-night session working on a paper or project.

Additional case studies showcasing success stories with the Online Training Library® are available at For even more information about the benefits of using, please see their list of the top 10 benefits.

Additional features of the Online Training Library® are available to the campus community as the result of our contracted access. Certificates of completion can be printed upon the completion of a course. Users of the service can bookmark their progress in a course, and pick up where they left off, and many more features. Apps for iOS and Android devices are available for mobile access to the Online Training Library®.

If you have questions about, please contact the Help Desk.