Adding Lyris Members
Members can be added to Lyris manually or through file import.
  1. From the homepage, click on the "Members" link.
  2. To add a single member, click on the "Add Member" link. Type in the user’s email address and name. Click Save.
  3. To add multiple members, click on the "Add Many Members" link. Type in the users’ email address one email address at a time, and hit enter after each address. Click Save.
  4. To add members from a file, click on the "Import Members from CSV File" link.
  5. All files must be CSV file format. (To convert Excel files to CSV files, do a "Save as" and select CSV as the file type.)
  6. Select "Import quietly as regular members" as the Action.
  7. Leave the options for "Update existing members?" and "Terminate import" as the default options.
  8. Use the Browse button to locate the CSV file to be selected.
  9. Click "Import."
  10. Leave the import window open while the process completes. Errors will display on the screen.
  11. When finished, click "OK" to exit the import window.