Lyris Segments

Segments are subsets of your lists. They allow you to target specific members of your list based on information you have about them. NOTE: You can only segment your list based on the information you have about your members. If you do not create and select segments your message will be sent to your entire list.

Creating Segments

  1. Select the Segments tab
  2. Select Create New Segment
  3. Enter Name for the segment (no spaces in a segment's name)
  4. Enter Description for segment
  5. Select text field
  6. Select operator ( =, >, etc.)
  7. Enter qualifier ( IN, FT, etc.)
  8. Click on Add next to qualifier
  9. Click on Save and Test
  10. You will be taken to the Segments: Test Segment page, where you can see the query generated and a sample of the addresses pulled.