MIS/Colleague FAQ

1. How do I get access to it?

Your supervisor will need to submit a ticket via Web Help Desk to the Management Information Systems (MIS) unit specifying the type of data you will need to view or edit. The Colleague system has in excess of 5,000 data fields in about 450 screens, and based on the access your supervisor has requested, you will only be able to view that limited set of data. You will be required to sign a confidentiality agreement before any access will be granted. Your supervisor will review that form, and its implications, as part of your orientation. Each Administrative Unit will have their own Colleague Module/Application. There is the ST - Student System; CF - Finance Office; HR - Human Resources; CA - Advancement; and a shared set of data called CORE.

2. How do I get trained?

Your department will have specifically identified Colleague trainers for the access you have been granted. The amount of training will vary with each task you have been assigned. If you have problems with accessing the screens or with their function, you should contact your supervisor. There are a few rudimentary classes taught by the IT training staff, but that should not be used as a replacement for the training within your department.

3. How do I get into the system?

You can access Colleague through a web browser such as Internet Explorer or Google Chrome. You will be given a username and password as your initial login. The password is synchronized with your other passwords through the Identity Manager system. You will need to change your password away from the default password before you can login to Colleague; and will expire every 6 months.

4. When is Colleague Accessible?

Colleague is available throughout the day except during regular scheduled maintenance and back-up times. That schedule is Monday - Friday from 5am to 7am; and Sunday from 5am to noon. Also, extra time for maintenance is reserve on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 3am to 7am, but not always used.

5. Is there a limit on the number of simultaneous users on the system?

There are a limited number of concurrent Colleague user licenses available to Valparaiso University. We would ask that you be aware of this limitation and if you have completed your Colleague needs, that you logout of the program to make sure other users are able to access the database.

6. How do I access Colleague from off campus?

The Colleague screens are available for use from off campus through a web site. However, you will need to access that website after first logging in through the NetExtender VPN client, and then accessing the Colleague website. That specific set of instructions is available through your department's authorized Colleague trainer.

7. If I have a problem with Colleague, what should I do?

Start with your supervisor. Most departments have selected specific staff people with permission to put in Web Help Desk tickets.