Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office is a powerful application suite that allows for creation of presentations, publications, documents and spreadsheets just to name a few.  Office 2010 is the newest version of this productivity software family.  The upgrade includes changes and improvements that make Office easier to use than ever before.

Office 2010: What to Know Before You Start

Office 2010: What's new in Office 2010

The upgrade software is being distributed to all offices via email.  Information regarding the upgrade process is available here.

Importing Brand Templates

Instructions for importing the new downloadable brand templates developed by IMC are available on the Word and PowerPoint sections.

Office File Format Compatibility Issue Resolved

Both the 2007 and 2010 versions of Microsoft Office store files in a default format that is not compatible with previous versions of Office.  Please view the PDF on Compatibility Issues for instructions on how to overcome this issue.

Office Compatibility Pack download - For use with Office 2000, XP, and 2003.

For additional resources:

Microsoft Office Homepage

Menu To Ribbon Guide - Use this interactive guide to identify commands in 2003 and see how to perform them in 2010.
Tip: To download the guide to your own computer for use any time you like (even when you’re not connected to the Internet), click the Open the guide link, and when the guide opens, click the Install button.

Office 2010 - Make The Switch (video)

Office 2010 Quick Reference Guide

Office 2010 Online Training Courses (Microsoft)

Office 2010 Online Support (Microsoft)

Office 2007 Save as PDF add-in download
Note: Office 2010 has this function built-in by default.

Please visit the following documentation sites for more information on these Office products: