Office 2010 Upgrade Information

You will receive the file to upgrade your copy of Microsoft Office via email from the IT Help Desk.  To complete the upgrade, please close any other programs you are running (especially Office files) and double-click the file attached to the email.  The process should take anywhere from 15-45 minutes, depending on the age and specifications of your computer.

After the upgrade is finished, you will find two helpful links on your desktop:

  1. A link to an interactive guide allowing you to see the difference in commands between version 2003 and 2010.
  2. A link to the IT website with Office 2010 information.


Here are some important tips regarding this install file:

  1. It should only be run when you are logged into the Novell network on VU tagged computers running Windows.
  2. You can run the upgrade anytime it is convenient for you, such as during your lunch break or when you attend a meeting, since your computer will be tied up during the upgrade process.
  3. Computers with Windows 7 already have Office 2010 and do not need to run the upgrade.
  4. If you are using a Mac computer and do not have the 2008 version, please contact the Help Desk to request an upgrade.
  5. If you use a campus kiosk or lab computer and do not have your own VU tagged computer, you may not need to run this upgrade.
  6. If you have student aide or other departmental computers that have not yet been upgraded, you can run this install file on those computers as well.


If you receive an error message or have other questions, please contact the IT Help Desk via email or call us at x5678.