NetStorage provides faculty, students and staff web-based access to network drives (H and G).    Files can be viewed, downloaded from the network to a local computer and uploaded from your local computer or external storage to the network.

Type into a web browser


You will need to accept the security certificate.  You can choose to permanently accept or temporarily for one session.


As the page begins to load, you will be prompted to enter your Novell user name (full context is required) and your Novell password.

Click the OK button to continue.


Once logged into NetStorage, all of your network drives are accessible.


Click the plus sign next to the drive to expand and see the contents.

netstorage_2_sm image

Because you are accessing files via the web, you cannot make changes directly to files.

In order for changes to be saved you must first download a file to your computer, make the changes and then upload the file back to your H or G drive.

To download, begin by putting a check mark in the box next to the file.

netstorage_3_sm image

From the menu choose File - Download...

netstorage_download image

You will be prompted to either open the file or Save to Disk.

netstorage_save_to_disk image

Save the file to your computer or external drive.

netstorage_save_as image

IMPORTANT - When multiple files or folders are downloaded, the files will automatically be saved as zipped folders.

Once changes are made, the file can be uploaded back to your network storage space.

From the menu choose File - Upload...

netstorage_upload image

You may be prompted to disable your popup blocker in order to use the Upload feature.  Click on image for larger display.

netstorage_popup_blocked_sm image

To disable your popup blocker for NetStorage click the Options button in your error message at the top of your browser.

Select “Allow popups for” (NetStorage)

netstorage_allow_popups_sm image

After popups are allowed, you will see the Upload File window where you can browse for the file you wish to upload.  Please note that the option to overwrite existing files is checked by default.

netstorage_upload_file image

You also have the ability to create new folders on your network storage drives.

Select File - New Folder

netstorage_new_folder image

Type the name of the new folder in the box and click the OK button.

netstorage_name_new_folder image