Trojan Virus Warning: "Cryptolocker"

IT has been made aware of a new trojan virus circulating the internet called "Cryptolocker." It is a particularly nasty virus that encrypts files on your hard drive and your network drives and will only unlock them if you pay an expensive ransom. The virus targets computers running Microsoft Windows and propagates via email messages with attachments (.EXE files disguised as .PDF files). Infection can be difficult to detect and may not be obvious until your files are locked and a pop-up window shows up to demand payment of the ransom, or risk losing access to all your files.

The best way to prevent infection is to be very suspicious of any attachments you receive via email, and do not open them unless you have been expecting to receive them. If your machine is infected, disconnect it from the network immediately and contact the Help Desk ( or 219.464.5678) for further instructions. The virus can be easy to remove, but the files may not be recoverable.

More information about this malware can be found at these websites: