"Blackboard Message" Phishing Scam

June 2013

Valpo is again seeing a phishing message circulating through campus with the subject "Blackboard message" and a Valpo logo inserted in the body of the email. These messages are not from Valpo IT, and are not coming from a valpo.edu address. The message contains a reference to receiving an "important administrative message" and includes a masked link. DO NOT click the link in the message. DO NOT provide information about your valpo.edu account.

If you have unintentionally provided your login information as the result of this type of message, change your ValpoNet password immediately.  Login to the Account Management System and select the "Change Password" option.

Always alert the IT Help Desk (webhelpdesk.valpo.edu, 219.464.5986) if you receive a message and are unsure of its validity. Valpo IT staff will NEVER ask for your account information or ask you to verify your account in this manner.

For more information about phishing and how to protect yourself, see this OnGuardOnline.gov webpage.

The following is example text of this phishing scam:

from: Valpo Annoucement <blackboard@valpo.edu>
date: Mon, Jun 24, 2013 at 9:47 AM
subject: Blackboard Message

Dear Valpo User,

You have receive one important administrative message in your blackboard area, please click on the link below to view your message.


Message will be deleted in next 2hours if not viewed.

Valpo BlackBoard Administrative